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Farmer's Diaries

Green Heritage

Neeps & Strae

Donald Dinnie

A Lucky Chap

Farmers Boy

Cottar & Croft

to Fermtoun

The Truth Tells Twice

The North-east Lowlands of Scotland

Them That Live the Longest





  • Donald Dinnie – the First Sporting Superstar, by David P. Webster and Gordon Dinnie

  • The Farmer’s Diaries, by Charlie Allan

  • Green Heritage, by John R. Allan

  • Farmer’s Boy, by John R. Allan

  • Neeps and Strae; Forty-four very short stories, by Charlie Allan

  • A Lucky Chap – Orra Loon to Lord Lieutenant, by Sir Maitland Mackie

  • Cottar and Croft to Fermtoun, by Mary Michie

  • The Truth Tells Twice, by Charlie Allan

  • The North-east Lowlands of Scotland, by John R. Allan

  • Them That Live the Longest, by Charlie Allan



               These books are about the country folk of the North-east Lowlands of Scotland whose heart is known as “Buchan”. They tell of a way of life which is not so much Scottish as unique, and which is often known as “Doric”.

                All but one, (Farmer’s Boy which is only available in paperback) are produced in hardback. With dust covers off, they make a handsome library of the North-east, an area which has been described as “the western borders of Europe more than the eastern seaboard of Scotland”.