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This page is just to let you know that, after 20 years in which I only missed one week (and that was because the article got lost somewhere in the Herald's system) I stopped my weekly column at the end of September 2009. I did so with much regret and I miss it. I keep coming upon stories and getting all excited before realising that I no longer have a column in which to tell you about them. Still, I mustn't grumble. I managed my 20 years. Which with the odd extra when the Highland Show or the bull sales were imminent meant I did over a thousand articles or a million words. I am proud of that and I would have carried on but my brain was getting tired. I knew I was getting slower and I wanted to be sure I could write a second volume of memoirs of the farm of Little Ardo and my family who have farmed it. I have done it and the volume is due to come out in the autumn. The Breadwinner and I went for a well earned rest in Kenya when it was finished and there I found out that I was right to give up the column. I was rushed to hospital there where they diagnosed something that I didn't understand completely but I did understand that it did not promise a burgeoning writing career - I have brain atrophy - my brain is shrinking. The Breadwinner was kind enough to say it was just as well that I had had a big brain to start with, but it is clear that I was right to give up the column or I would never have managed to finish my writing about the farm.

If you used to read me on a Monday, I thank you. If not you could always buy some of these volumes which cover the first ten years.