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'Fit like the day than?'


This is the Web site for Charlie Allan and his publishers, Ardo Publishing Co. It contains a list of his publications relating to the North-east corner of Scotland. There are books, ballads, stories and even poems of relevance to country life in the ancient Earldom of Buchan.

The new book is oot!

 'Them That Live the Longest' was published in November 2010 and finishes off the story of The Buchan farm of Little Ardo and my family who have farmed it since 1837. It covers the time from 1955 when John R. Allan was the farmer and Jimmy Low was the grieve, through all my struggles towards the day, in 1997 when I got a victim in Neil Purdie who, with my daughter Sarah, took on the burden of farming the old place.

I never wanted to write this book. I did The Truth Tells Twice because I am an ancestor worshipper and I had no intension to carry on into my own time on the head of the hill. But to my astonishment Birlinn, the publishers, felt able to describe 'The Truth Tells Twice' as "the best selling", so there had to be another volume to finish the job.

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Fan I wis young and hearty,

I hurled in a cairtie.

The cairtie brook,

An I fell oot,

An skinned aa my airsie.

Do you know any other North-east pies? Give us an email.  charlie@charlieallan.com